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Testimonies from Devotees of St. Padre Pio

Edna V. Gonzaga, MD

San Pedro, Sto. Tomas, Batangas

Our parents’ sickness showed us how God moves in our lives even in the midst of suffering. Their peaceful death proved His healing power even if it did not mean disappearance of cancer cells or recovery from an illness”.

The devotion to St. Padre Pio here in our place was just in its early beginnings when our 74 year- old father, Ernesto, was diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 4 (with metastasis on the brain and stomach) in July 2004. He barely knew Padre Pio but through our mother’s influence, he began reading and praying the novena to Padre Pio. 

         This was the first blessing we thought was bestowed on us because Tatay was still in denial stage then and he was in so much pain because the tumor in his right lung has already encroached in his ribs making it difficult to even sleep. Thus we knew that only divine intervention can help him aside from the limited help from medical means.

         Every time we would go to the hospital for his check up and chemotherapy, we would bring Padre Pio’s small statue, just so we are reminded that he would help us pray to God, believing that his prayers are indeed powerful.  After the three sessions of chemotherapy, his heart and his whole system gave in. He was very weak and yet with so much peace in him, no complaining, no whining, as he surrendered everything to God. In December of that same year, he passed away so peacefully after two episodes of short seizure.  Even if we were in deep sorrow, we are so grateful to God for he did not spend his last days in a hospital ICU but in the comfort of his own room at home, with us. 


           Six years after our father’s death, our mother (Adelaida) started to get weak physically and slowly began to show signs of depression.  She was seen by a neurologist but no particular illness was discovered.  Her speech started to disappear in two months’ time and she had to communicate through gestures. Although she was already 78 then, it was difficult for her to accept her situation, as it was for us.

           The Church always had a special place in Inay’s heart even as a young girl.  She was a fervent devotee of Mama Mary and when she learned about St. Padre Pio, she became a member of the Padre Pio Prayer Group.  Having been a prayerful woman, it was really painful and difficult for her and for us, her family, to accept that she would lose her ability to speak just like that. We would then pray to Padre Pio and would bring the same little image of his when we accompany Inay to her doctor.  After a few weeks of searching for the cause of her weakening and speech loss, we found out that she was suffering from a rare neurologic disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) wherein the motor neurons involved in the movement of muscles are dying.  She eventually lost the ability to swallow anything and  we had to carry her for she could not stand on her own.  But even then, she was still capable of laughing at our jokes and would react when we pray the rosary and the novena to Padre Pio. This was already a miracle for us! Inay was bedridden for two weeks, and in her last day, we fervently prayed through the intercession of Padre Pio to grant her a peaceful death so she will no longer suffer.  She died at home on September 15, 2012 at 2:30 am, the day after the blessing of the main altar of Padre Pio Shrine which was something she dreamt of witnessing.  Even though it was a very sad day, we were relieved and grateful to God and to Padre Pio for an answered prayer!                                                                                       

Mrs. Natalia M. Mandado

Barangay Cumba, Lipa City 

 May 25, 2013

“My testimony reminds me of the importance of faith and prayers in our lives. Nothing is impossible for me, for you, for all of us, if we will pray wholeheartedly.”

          I was diagnosed with lung cancer in Singapore in November 2011. I could not believe the doctor since I had no cough or colds or fever, but with severe pain on my shoulders. I just smiled at her and said, “Who am I to question God and why I have this kind of illness?” I was told that I must undergo another series of examinations, CT scan-guided biopsy and for sure, chemotherapy and radiations. I went right away to the church to pray and I did that for two hours for nine consecutive days. I confessed my sins and submitted to God all my problems, anger, worries and anxiety.

On January 9-10, 2012, the CT scan-guided biopsy confirmed a stage 4 lung cancer. I did not get shock because I know God will help me. The doctor explained to me that I must undergo 6-8 sessions of chemotherapy which would need a huge amount of money. I am only a retiree with no other income and although I have four children working abroad, they have their own families to support. I prayed hard before talking to my doctor. Hindi ako nahiya na humingi ng tulong! He smiled and told me, “Don’t worry, I will help you.” Thanks to God that after a week of interviews and medical examinations, I passed the requirements for financial assistance. Through my prayers I was included in the case study of Dr. Olavere. Since November 2011, up to the present I have kept on praying. My friend, Mrs. Rosalie Castillo helped and guided me to pray to the Divine Mercy. Sisters from Redemptorist in Lipa City came to our house for communion during those times when I could not go out after chemo. I also sought the advoce of Monsignor Boy Oriondo and confessed to him last February. All of us have a cross to carry, we must only know how to carry it. Let us always be thankful to Jesus our Savior.

Still I am very lucky and thankful to God that nothing unusual happened to me even though the doctor told me that after the chemo I could have hair loss, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and loss of appetite. I did not have these except for some changes in skin color.

           On July 24, 2012, my doctor confirmed that according to the CT scan results, my lumps on my left and right shoulders were healed already and a repeat CT scan on September 18 revealed inactive cancer cells! Thanks to God for giving me another LIFE! After 8 months of treatment I am now healed! I am very thankful to our Almighty God and to Padre Pio.

Ibigay po natin sa Diyos ang lahat ng ating suliranin at karamdaman. May kanya-kanyang oras at panahon ang lahat ng nagyayari sa atin. Sa totoo po hindi ko inisip o nadama na ako ay maysakit. Lagi po tayong maging masaya. Think positive. Lagi po tayong maglaan ng oras para sa pagdadasal at magpasalamat sa lahat ng biyaya. Maraming salamat po! Praise the Lord!

Flor Gonda-Sula

“I learned that God truly works in mysterious ways. I surrendered

everything to the Lord for guidance and support”.

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Ms. Susan Africa

I am sharing this story for all to believe in the power of prayers and miracles.  As St. Pio always said, “Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry.” Believe. Miracles happen”!

This summer of his 15th year, my youngest son, Migo started complaining of unbearable headaches. Apparently he had been having these "brain splitting pains" since early this year, but just took a pain reliever and dismissed it as an ordinary headache.


A visit to the doctor last May 18 required some tests in the eye clinic and it revealed that there was a mass behind his right eye. (See attachment Eye Clinic-photo). The ophthalmologist was quite grim as he shook his head when he saw the results and told my son to pray. The doctors had to rule out a brain tumor. (See attachment R.O Brain Tumor). He requested for my son to have a CT scan to see what was in his brain and said that we would need to visit a neurosurgeon after that.

Being devotees of Padre Pio, our family decided to pray the nine day novena before making an appointment for Migo’s CT scan.

We continued to pray the rosary and beg for Padre Pio’s powerful intercession. Finally the day of the CT scan appointment came and the results astounded the doctors. The report indicated that his brain was perfectly normal, that there was nothing to signify the presence of a brain tumor. (See attachment CT Scan result).

It was truly a miracle. Even the doctors were amazed and did not require any follow-up tests. We could not forget the look in their eyes as they acknowledged that something beyond the ordinary had happened. Thank you St. Pio for all your love and prayers!

Ma. Carina Alonzo Lasam

Las Piňas City

August 19, 2013

“I want to share with you a personal success story which I believe St. Padre Pio has helped me achieve”.

           Before I begin, I want to tell you how my devotion to St. Padre Pio began.I started praying to St. Padre Pio when Papa became very ill in 2011. I have heard stories about his miracles through relatives – that he can cure the critically ill and bless childless couples with children of their own. So the first time I visited his shrine in Batangas, I posted it on Facebook and told my friends that they could send me their petitions and I would pray for them. To my surprise, many have responded, so this became the routine everytime I visited his shrine.

Here goes my story…

            I’ve been living in Quezon City for more than 4 years now. My home is in Las Pinas but my work is in Quezon City, that’s 3-4 hours travel time considering the distance and traffic; I was left with no other choice but to live far away from home just to earn a living.

Early this year (2013), our company announced the opening of a branch in Santa Rosa City and I expressed my intention of transferring there because it’s closer to home. Seven months had gone, multiple follow-ups have been made, but still nothing happened. I know I’ve been a diligent employee but this simple request couldn’t be granted. Then I realized that I cannot do this on my own… that maybe some divine intervention could help me. So I started praying to St. Padre Pio to help me out. After several days, my manager spoke to me and told me that he is offering me a promotion plus a retention bonus if I remain in his team. I admit that the offer was financially tempting, but then again, it’s not what I was asking for. So I prayed more fervently, I talked to Padre Pio thru my prayer and told him that I wanted to transfer to Sta. Rosa because I want to live close to my mother who is not getting any younger.

             One Thursday afternoon, Aug. 8, 2013, Mama visited the Shrine of St. Padre Pio. She told me that she prayed to St. Padre Pio and held the foot of Jesus (Santo Entierro) to grant me a career that I deserve. In the evening of the same day, I received an email from one of the managers that I am being considered for a 3-4 months training abroad. Then just a few hours after receiving the email, my manager talked to me to confirm the offer and informed me that I will be assigned in Santa Rosa after my training! I was overjoyed and couldn’t contain my excitement when I received this good news. :)

              I feel so blessed and strongly believe that through the intercession of St. Padre Pio, Mama Mary and with the goodness of our Lord Jesus, my simple prayer has been granted with much more than what I’ve asked for.

Teacher Janice Rocreo

Lipa City

July 2013

The healing of my newborn baby from a lung disease

has proved that we can overcome anything through our faith in God

during trying times”.

              Noong una, hindi ko pa kilala si Padre Pio. Nakilala ko lamang yata siya dalawang taon an ang nakakaraan. Naririnig ko lamang ang pangalan niya sa mga kaibigan, kasama angmga himalang nagagawa niya. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, marami na akong naririnig na ganyan na nagpapatotoo sa mga ginagawang himala ng mga santo…hindi ko alam na ako pala mismo ay makakaranas din ng masasabing himala dahil sa pananampalataya na noon ay naririnig ko lamang sa bibig ng ibang tao.

Isinilang ko ang pangalawa naming anak na si Janna noong December 12, 2012. maayos naman ang aking pkapagsilang ko sa kanya through a Cesarian Section, subalit noong ikalawang araw niya, ibinalita ng kanyang pediatrician na “toxic” o malala ang kanyang kondisyon na nagangailangan ng tulong ng espesyalista (neonatologist) dahil 

          On December 23, 2010 I had a medical condition in Batangas City regarding an abdominal pain and an alarming weight loss. I was referred to an OB-GYN and an ultrasound showed an ovarian mass. The good doctor explained that the removal of the ovarian mass was inevitable and that the medical team would include an oncologist. I wondered why a simple operation would need one.

          The operation pushed through and we found out that the diagnosis was OVARIAN CANCER STAGE 1-C. Meanwhile, my two sisters were looking for Fr. Jojo’s new parish and the proposed shrine from a feature article about him and the relics of St. Padre Pio. They missed him the first time but they learned that the healing mass was on the 23rd of every month. On January 23, 2011 I joined them on St. Padre Pio’s Day of Healing.

          A week later the biopsy result was released to confirm my cancer, but this time t was “Stage 2”. My niece broke the sad news. She insisted that I undergo chemotherapy. My personal decision was no to chemotherapy. To quote my doctors, “Una pos a Diyos, pangalawa ay maniwala po tayo sa medical breakthroughs.” A friend suggested alternative medication instead, but I stood firm on my family’s decision to submit myself for further treatment. She respected our decision, and on the 1st session she visited me, gave me St. Padre Pio healing oil and prayer for his intercession.

            In between cycles of chemotherapy, tumor markers, pap smears, blood chemistry and CT scans, we went to St. Padre Pio Shrine and Kamay ni Hesus. I was touched by the healing hands of God through Fr. Jojo Gonda and Fr. Joey Faller.

             In God’s own time, He blessed me with the gift of healing. Many stormed the gates of heaven with prayers for me. When one is afflicted with the much feared cancer it is the faith in the Divine Healer that

lets the cancer warrior conquer the fear and ultimately win the battle. It happened to me!

            Let us continue to pray for one another and keep the faith.

may problema sa kanyang baga at habol nya ang kaniyang paghinga. Sinabihan pa kami na “Pabuhusan nyo na siya kaagad para kung ano man ang mangyari ay may blessing na siya!” Nakapanlulumo na marinig ito ng isang inang katulad ko. Sa X-ray ay ipinakita na Malabo ang kaliwang bahagi ng baga niya. Hindi pa raw “fully developed” at kailangang bigyan siya ng tinatawag na lung surfactant. Nang makita ko sa Neonatal ICU si Janna, awing awa ako sa kaniya: habol ang hininga, naka-kabit sa mechanical ventilator,2 ang tubo sa bibig, at may swero sa paa at kamay! Wala akong nagawa kundi ang magdasal. Noong December 14, 2 araw na ang anak ko. Isang kaibigan at co-teacher ko, si Teacher Evy ang nag-text at nagpayo sa akin na humingi ng tulong kay Padre Pio. Pagkaraan ng 2 araw, itnext niya ako da papunta sila ng kanyang kapatid sa ospital para dalhin ang langis ni Padre Pio. Pagkabasa ko ng text nya, agad akong nagpunta ng ospital at pinahiran ng Padre Pio oil sa noo si Janna. Sa pagkakataong iyon, nasaksihan ko na biglang nagging maaliwalas ang mukha ng anak ko, nag-unat siya ng katawan na para bang may ibinabalot sa kaniya na kung ano. Napaluha na lang ako at nagpasalamat kay Padre Pio, pao na rin sa Divine Mercy na kasama kong pinagdadasalan simula ng mga pangyayari. Araw-araw kaming nagdadasal kay Padre Pio at sa Divine Mercy tuwing dadalawin naming sa ICU si Janna.

              Noong mga sumunod na araw, nakakita ako ng isang 7 buwan na sanggol na tulad ni Janna ay binigyan din ng surfactant para sa baga. Noon ko natutunan na magdasal din para sa ibang tao. Inihingi ko rin ng dasal ni Padre Pio ang sanggol na nasa incubator lang katabi ang anak kong naka- ventilator pa rin.December 24, 2012 nang payagan nang maiuwi si Janna! Lakaing pasasalamat ko sa Panginoon at sa tulong ni Padre Pio!

Sa ngayon, 5 buwan na si Janna, malusog na parang nagdahilan lamang sabi ng mga matatanda! Salamat sa tulong na idinaloy sa aming pamilya ni Padre Pio at ng Panginoong Hesus at ng Kanyang Banal na Awa!

Roger C. Manalo

Special Minister of The Eucharist

St. Padre Pio Shrine and Shrine

experienced healing from a cerebro-vascular accident (“stroke”)

              Para sa akin, “GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME”! dahil noong February 19, 2012, mga 4:30 ng umaga ay naghahanda na akong pumunta sa Padre Pio Parish para mag-serve sa 6 am na misa ngunit parang di ko kaya ang aking katawan. Hindi ako makabangon dahil naikot ang aking pakiramdam. Sinabi ng aking misis na baka raw “high blood” ako kaya niyaya akong pumunta sa doktor pero ayaw ko at sinabi kong kaya ko pa. Tumawag pa rin ang misis ko ng driver at pumunta na nga kami kay Dra. Guerrero sa Sto.Tomas kung saan nalaman na mataas nga ang blood pressure ko, 180/100! Idineretso na ako sa Mercado Hospital at na-confine na nga ako sa Intensive Care Unit (ICU) kung saan nanatili ako sa loob ng ilang araw. hindi ko na alam ang mga nagyari. Nang malaman ito ng mga kasamahan ko na lay ministers, Community ng Couples for Christ (kung saan ako ang chapter head) at mga Knights of Columbus, nagpuntahan sila sa ospital, nag rosary at nag- “pray over” sila sa akin. Kami naman ng aking misis at tuluy-tuloy na nag-novena kay Padre Pio. Kumuha rin siya ng langis ni Padre Pio at sa tuwi kaming magdadasal ay pinapahiran niya ang batok ko ng langis na ito dahil ayon sa medical test ay may maliit na ugat dito na may bara at kailangang operahan. Halos 60 araw akong hindi nakakain ng solido, sa ilong pinadadaan ang gamut at gatas na pagkain ko. 

               Sa pinakahuling medical exam ko sa Mercado Hospital, wala na silang nakitang bara sa ugat ko. Pinapunta rin kami sa Mediatrix Hospital para ma-confirm, at doon ay na-clear nga na walang nakitang bara sa ugat!

                Salamat po St. Padre Pio sa tulong at panalangin mo! Ang masasabi ko lang ay GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!.

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